The children of Mumbai

The mighty megalopolis of Mumbai, (alliterative,isn’t it?) is an experience, a very personal experience. You have to be there to get it – the crowds, the trains, taxis , the people, the sights, the food, the culture… – I could go on a few more lines or even paragraphs on Mumbai. Without much further ado, I would show you what I like the best about any place- the children.

They are curious.


They are shy.


They are jubilant at play,

They improvise

They are quirky.

and the 'have nots.'

Surprise, they are photographers too!

Golden temple, Amritsar –

A few images from the wonderful Golden temple at Amritsar- the holiest of all Sikh places of worship. A place so serene, calm and almost always packed with the faithful. A must see for all the visitors and Indians alike.





A long exposure in the evening.

The sights, sounds and smells of Mahane Yehuda market, Jerusalem

Yes, I might not be able to bring out the sounds and smells of the famous Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem but the sights had me spellbound. The light filtered through the translucent covers, the smells of confectionery, fruits, meats and of so much humanity is enough to make any photographer stay on for long. (And I am so sorry for the inordinate delay between the posts. I am back in India and at work.) The 50mm lens was a bit too wide and the 35 mm with autofocus would have been great. But then, it is better to make the best use of your equipment and not make excuses. So without much further ado, go ahead and savour the marketplace.

Dead sea and Ein Gedi

This being the first weekend in Israel, our hosts were keen to offer us a good taste of the uniqueness of the country. They took us on an organised trip to Ein Gedi, Dead sea and Masada. I will put up the images now and come on in later with the details. Wonderful hospitality. Thank you guys.


Descent into the Dead sea region, the lowest point on the surface of earth 427 metres below sea level, literally into the bowels of the earth.


The beautiful Ein Gedi springs region. A good hours trek with lot of fresh waterfalls in between to cool off.



And a lot of young couples at the falls.


One of my favourite images from the trip with our guide, Elan (second from the left) pointing at the Dead sea in the background.


Dead sea beach.


Yours truly, doing what everyone else does in the Dead sea, chilling on buoyancy.


First sights

Hi all,

I think it’s time for the first post from Israel. Let me start with the usual conversation starters.


The sun is out from maybe early 530 am to a decently late 830 pm in the evening. With the desert in the vicinity, you can imagine the effect of the magnificent Sol in the temperatures here. Coming from Vellore , it is not as hot, but, I do mean really “but….”, tomorrow we are going to the Dead sea and the surrounding areas, and things should get pretty hot tomorrow.

Most of my day is spent inside in the a/c classrooms and hence I don’t feel the heat.



I haven’t had a chance to interact much with the local people here but whomever I have met in the student community (Israelis),they are wonderful hosts and really sweet people. They are mostly physically fit people and it is difficult to find scrawny human beings in the campus. I think that is the effect of the ecosystem in the campus and when I go to the community as part of my practicum, I shall be more knowledgeable and shall enlighten you folks. I shall soon shoot them and present them to you. It is holiday time here and there are many summer festivals here in the city. Families come in droves in the cool There was one yesterday that I attended and here are a few images.





They eat quite a lot (maybe got to do with their physical fitness levels) and there is a nice buffet canteen where I eat lunch mostly. A good hot meal of rice, different combinations of vegetables (boiled and as in salads) and a side of meat(chicken/beef/turkey/fish) costs about 24.5 Shekels. I shall post the images later. I haven’t tried hummus or falafel or shawarma here though. (I have eaten falafel in Rome and shawarma at home , let’s see how different things are)


It is hot and hence, let me put it this way, people don’t bother with clothes much. No offence meant but, both men and women, dress very casually (unless they are professors / executives / janitors /policemen). The “inner” in inner wear doesn’t hold true, for men and women. Coming from a country where it is hot everyone is covered top to bottom, it is a fresh breeze blowing here. Plus, women are really fashionable here , in the campus and outside, and you can see Zara/Gucci/Louis Votton/ etc, etc very often in the streets.


This may not appeal to many of the folks here but I do like to notice the cars in the places I go. I wanted to write about Srilankan cars but never got about to it and hence I shall fulfil my wishes here. BMW, Audi, Hyundai, Mazda, Ford, Subaru, Nissan, Volvo, Toyota and surprise, surprise The Suzuki Alto (and a Ritz model called Splash) rule the roads here. Most are sleek and modern and have a fluidic design.

Anything else you want me to add?

On a trip to Israel

Hi folks

I am going to Israel for a month for a short course in Global Health in the Ben Gurion university of the Negev.

I hope to put up photos of that great nation , pretty regularly.

If any of my readers know anyone in Israel, do let me know.