meaning of a journey

First things first.

1. The same journey is different for different people.

2.Sometimes, as a photographer, your conscience hurts you real bad. You take a photo, a moment sliced away from time by you with the aid of a light-trap. You tend to think you’ve only taken a photo, but inside, you feel you’ve crept into the privacy of the moment and took away what was not rightfully yours.

This is the story of one such event. Real one.

I was travelling home to attend a cousin’s wedding last weekend by train. As soon as I got in and made myself comfortable, I plugged into my iPod and started reading.(“The Book Thief” by Marcus Zusak. Brilliant book. Highly,totally recommended). In short, I cocooned myself into my comfort zone.

Soon, I took out my camera and was mindlessly shooting  the scenery flashing by. Not that reckless, mind you. I had in mind the motion blur( for those who are unfamiliar with this term and and the clouds were looking moody.

Then I slowly turned my attention into the train. One look was enough for my mind to start ticking. The soft evening light, filtering in through the window and casting shadows on the passengers faces. Quickly took a few potshots , just to remain incognito,i.e, i shot from the hip while looking the other side.

None of them came out anyway near right, as I expected.

Then I decided to take the risk and shoot the darn thing, well the beautiful but darn scene, anyway with my camera pointed straight at my fellow passengers. The only thought was about the reprimand I might get if I was caught shooting.

It was all over in 1/200 seconds and I thought ”yes, I pulled it off” . Another picture to satisfy my ego and maybe earn some kudos from friends.

The wedding was thoroughly enjoyable and after coming back and looking through the images, I felt these and I thought I should tell you all this.

P.S. I think I’ve made amends by later meeting the man in the image en route to another set of photographs, the story of which is coming soon. Stay tuned.

P.S#2. for all those who are photographically inclined, happy shooting!


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