when it rains…

Its raining awesome in Trivandrum.

Looks like the heavens are running fast forward into June.

Time to take the camera and make some photographs.


Here I go,

into the rain…


Lookin at some ladies,



You know he’s a family man,

As he got his big coat on..


But some ain’t not lucky,

So just stare into the rain,



Or rush back to shelter,



Or walk real fast,

Hiding from heavens’ pelting down.



But the best part is to tell a buddy,

“C’mon, jump right on out!”



Ain’t it super, rain in June or February?


One thought on “when it rains…

  1. really great pics da..these ones and the press man’s too..seem to tell a story..awesome work..hope you come up with even better stuff being at home.. 🙂

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