The people of Kanyakumari district

Wonderful places and wonderful people…

1.The cowherd at Mattur…. by the way, the tallest Asian aqueduct

2. The King of good times.. at Thripparappu falls

3. I can take some more of the falls… bather at same location

4. Caught between yin and yang, and on the camera too.. kid was looking for a water snake

Location: 50 m from the previous shot

5.  Caught butt staring..

6. The wave watchers at Puthalam beach

7. The pilgrims to Kanyakumari

8. The sunset watchers at the southern end of the  land..

Even the vendors, who see it 365 days a year, is captivated by the magic moment.

9. The high-in-the-sky tea master at Marthandam

10. The bored museum curator at Padmanabhapuram palace.

11. Kids tired after a long guided tour through the palace

12. The end.. we took nothing but pictures, left nothing but footprints…

Hope y’all liked it.. Show some love by putting in some good comments and criticism…


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