How do YOU read YOUR newspaper?

This post is a compilation of one full months’ worth search for images of people and newspapers, from the bus stand at Trivandrum to all the way up north till Mangalore, Karnataka.

The first newspaper was called The Relations, published by Johann Carolus from Germany in 1605. ( from Wikipedia)

From there, it has come to India as the Bengal Gazette and to countless number of homes around the world. Everyone has their own styles of reading it and this post but reveals a few I have seen. Which one is YOUR STYLE?

1.My father,  enjoying the paper with his daily cuppa, sitting n the sun in our front steps.

2. A gentleman, reading his paper at the busy Trivandrum bus station. He had enjoyed his paper with his cigarette (you can see the cigarette butt on the floor between his feet).

3.This is how you enjoy your paper, a la dandy style!

4.The man in the left enjoys his paper in the library with many  of his friends, on a sunny afternoon.

5. This gentleman seemed to be enjoying his paper at the railway station till he cam across a quaint piece of news.

6. This gent takes it a notch up, on the luggage rack in an unreserved compartment.

7. On with his paper at a century old church (CST chuch, Marthandam).

8. Who says the newspaper man doesn’t enjoy his time with the paper? (At Thampanoor bus station, trivandrum)

He even does it with coffee in front of the Indian Coffee House!

9. And a sadhu enjoys it at Mangalore railway station among all the hullaballoo going on around him. Perhaps, even this maybe a meditation.

10. This image is left blank for all of you to visualise your way,style and memories with the paper that greets the world in differnt languages,styles and colors.

Happy reading!

Cheers, Georgie


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