The foodie Bengalis of Gandhi road

Today let’s meet the Bengali community at Vellore. They are  a jolly bunch of people coming down to hot Vellore from their homeland (around 36 hours away by train), just to get their bowel symptoms addressed (well, most of them). So, I wanted to know if their problems are caused by food from Vellore  or its origins are in their Bengal food. Allow me to take you through their Vellore foods and fads.

First, let us meet the quintessential Bengali


Next on the line is be the man who cooks for him.



Now, we see the others, who are busy buying the foodstuff at the market,

either haggling over the daily price of egg,


or teaching the young upcoming little Bengali to haggle.



It would be incomplete to miss the people who sell the food for the Bengalis,

the butcher with the attitude,


and his protege. (with the similar attitude)



Finally, we have the Bengali who waits at home (read lodge) for the end result of all this preparation.



Hope you have a slight notion of what might be going round with a Bengali in Vellore. Will it solve their issue, its altogether a different matter to be sorted out.


2 thoughts on “The foodie Bengalis of Gandhi road

  1. That was realy nice.
    Tell me where do you find the time and frame of mind to do this during your internship in ortho??!
    You know,kerala or at least ernakulam jilla is crawling with migrant labourers from w.bengal,assam,bihar etc-they work in plywood factories,even in catering establishments and all over the place as casual labourers..
    A good number land up in casualty and the general wards-everyone else here is impressed at my knowledge(however limited it may be) of bengali and hindi..esp the interns..

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