These were a set of pictures taken during my 3 month stay in Stockholm from April- July 2009. Now revisit the processed versions and enjoy.

Sweden is a jolly good country located in Northern Europe, where the days and nights vary according to the whims and fancies of the sun. Let me take you through my brief journey through the land where….

.. the capital city , Stockholm, is literally on water..

..where the cherry trees welcome the spring.. Kungstradgraden, Stockholm

and love blossoms in the air… Kungstradgraden, Stockholm.

..where pickled herring comes in various flavors, among many other gastronomic delights..

..where having a Fika (coffee time) outside in the sun is a must do, 365 days a yr….Gamla stan, Stockholm.

..where  people are conected, albeit a few feet away ….

..where being fit, is an occupation.. Background: Swedish royal palace 

..where you can find peace and harmony, in a cemetery.. Skogskyrkogarden, Stockholm.

..where picnicking outside in the sun, in the archipelago, brings friends and family together..

..where the sun doesn’t set.. Midnight, Kiruna, Sweden.

..where you walk, in communion with nature.. Kiruna, Sweden..

..and where these represent the trues spirit of the nation, calm, quiet and flying high..

Hope you all enjoyed the small poetic ride. Have a wonderful weekend.


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