The cyclists of Gudiyattam

Its been sometime since I gave a good lookto the set of images I had taken sometime ago. This is about a small place in Tamilnadu, named Gudiyattam, where I was posted in the rural hospital for a week. The town is teeming with cyclists- men, women, children and elderly alike. There are many reasons for the popularity of the cycle there- two being good roads and free government schemes giving cycles to schoolchildren.Many are ‘panning‘ shots and so have a ‘motion blur‘.  This post is my take on them, with oneliner descriptions- hope you enjoy.

             Great way to catch up on the day’s stories.

   Its getting dark and the railway crossing does not wait. But the journey must go on and destination reached.

During these times, some of them learn other things as well, like riding pillion leads to a flatter tire and more effort.

Few enterprising ones learn new tricks as well, like achieving zen on a leg.

And even some graduate onto bigger things, a moped for instance, while others just look on.

No one slows down the free spirits in flying colors. (Pun intended)

The monk on wheels, maybe on his way to meditate.

Cycling must have been the secret of his fitness all these years.

You must have been wondering where all these people started out. I found the answer here.  The secret mantra is ‘catch ’em young”.

Hope you enjoyed the stories. It would be great to hear your stories regarding cycling, comments and criticism. 


4 thoughts on “The cyclists of Gudiyattam

  1. Georgie
    Enjoyed the series and ur captions-I particularly liked the second picture of the series-lots of different shades of blue-the hills,sky,the sari and the salwar kameez…

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