Again the monochrome vs color debate surfaces


Guess its the monochrome this time, what say?



  1. [Gm] · September 2, 2011

    I would prefer to have it in color. I think the textures will look great in color.
    However, I’m sorry, but I don’t really like the tone on your color version. Tone is personal preference, and probably ours is not the same.

    The B/W is nicer between the two, although I would prefer it a little darker with more contrast. But again, this is also personal preference.

  2. georgiemathew · September 2, 2011

    hey Martos,

    I dunno too much in editing this image… I tried fiddling with the settings and this is what I got… Guess I’m not that good at editing to create a look or tone… The child makes me smile, thats all 😉


  3. experimentsinexperience · September 3, 2011

    I like the colour version better. The b/w definitely lost the feel of the colour version in my book.

    • georgiemathew · September 3, 2011

      Thanks..Me too.. I iked the color version so much that I made a print…

  4. T George Koshy · September 3, 2011

    I liked the colour version but there was a bit too much of green there..

  5. Christakis Schinis · September 4, 2011

    I’d go for the colour version too. Very nice blog btw, well written and many great images to accommodate the text. Have you got an RSS link to follow? I looked around but couldn’t find one.

    • georgiemathew · September 4, 2011

      Thanks, Guess color is king here …There is a ‘subscribe by email’ widget at the bottom I added just now…. It was there in the previous theme but I overlooked it when I switched over to this new theme.. That should solve the issue… Thanks again for looking through..

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