Where everyone has in plenty,

and no one is in want. The very pretty picture of Onam. Wish I was there, like in the picture, cousins and all.

Whatever be the occasion, being with family makes it special. Especially Onam.

Onam is the national festival of Kerala, where I hail from. Its the harvest festival, which everyone celebrates irrespective of caste, religion or economic status. Let me give you a brief idea.

Legend has it that demon king Mahabali, wise and benevolent, ruled his people long ago. It was the golden era and everyone had in plenty. There were no wars, quarrels or lies (almost an utopia). The gods in heaven got mighty pissed with him for all the good things he was doing(ego issues here) and decided to banish him to the underworld. They craftily deployed one of the chief gods to push him down (literally) to hell. But he got his final wish, that was to see his subjects once a year, granted from him. Onam is the time where he comes back from the world below and we celebrate to welcome him. For further details, check out the very informative Wikipedia article here.


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