The power of one. No, Two.

against the forces .

Was walking with friends in the hospital campus. Can you see me?

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  1. Chintan Gupta · September 22, 2011

    Very good composition, you have a thing for red, yellow and warm colors, don’t you?


    • georgiemathew · September 22, 2011

      Thanks.. Yeah, I’m always for colors and warmth.. in my photos also ;)

  2. Mike C · September 22, 2011

    Are you in the middle? (of the shadow people)

  3. [Gm] · September 22, 2011

    Great capture, Georgie. Interesting to see the green+red on the guy and also on the bucket — and of course, love the shadows, too.

    I would guess, you are the second shadow from the left?

    • georgiemathew · September 22, 2011

      Yes, am the second one :) BTW, I updated the puppies post with the puppy family image :)

  4. eric festinger · September 22, 2011

    Ha! 1 against 7: that’s-not-fair ;-)

    • georgiemathew · September 22, 2011

      LOL :).. you have a great blog there too! will check it out in detail :)

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