After a day’s work,

long shadows and a warm sun, light my way home.

Typical evening in the hospital.  But the end of a day is the beginning for another, particulary for the nurses.



  1. T George Koshy · September 24, 2011

    Makes one very nostalgic…

  2. John Robinson · September 25, 2011


    Thanks for visiting my blog. Your photos are beautiful and very professional. Good luck in medical school!


    • georgiemathew · September 25, 2011

      Thanks John. Like the humor in your images too!

  3. chintan · September 25, 2011

    I love how you play with the light….such a clear photo…I totally mess up the crowd ones….

    • georgiemathew · September 25, 2011

      🙂 Its the light, chintan! I just took the photo thats all 🙂

  4. Ingrid · September 27, 2011

    Your pics are amazing! Love the colours, and the lighting in this one.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog,

    • georgiemathew · September 27, 2011

      Thanks Ingrid!
      Interesting blog yours, too..


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