Little landmarks in life

Today is the day

… when my first prints went on for sale. Prints are available in Vellore Scudder auditorium for the cause of Evangelical Medical Fellowship of India as past of the Shiloh conference. These are the ones they are selling as posters with Bible verses, here and here.

… when the first half of my internship (read “6 months of less taxing work as a junior doctor”) ends and am going on to the tougher times. (2 months each in obstetrics and gynecology,internal medicine and general surgery). This means less time for life,  even lesser time for shooting.

So I’m sitting here , confused and happy. Wish me luck for the rest of the journey.


6 thoughts on “Little landmarks in life

  1. Georgie both are lovely images and I am sure they will sell…after all its for a good cause. I hope the next phase of your internship is enjoyable and I hope you don’t have to cut down too much on your photography. I enjoy your passion as much as your images and look forward to future posts. And of course I wish you all the luck on your incredible journey!

  2. Georgie, they’ve all sold out…. making more copies to sell in the OM book fair and in ELS. 🙂 Dr. Rajan’s saying we should charge more on them… And EMFI is very thankful.

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