Walking in the rain #3

Which one do you enjoy better, the tightly framed previous post or this one?

Both were shot at the 55mm end of my lens. I had to run 10 metres in the rain to catch the previous post, though. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Walking in the rain #3

  1. For the extra effort only, I would vote the photo on the previous post…. haha…
    But, regardless of the extra effort, I still also vote for the photo on the previous post. I think the composition and story is better on that one. There’s too many distraction on this one, I think.

  2. While I am always for including environment to give the viewer a sense of the surroundings I think the key lies in including the right amount of environment – tell the story without losing the subject. The earlier image does that while this one I think becomes just a tad messy and distracts from the subject.

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