Everyone has a story #3

Your audience is  only another granny and a goat? No problem.


6 thoughts on “Everyone has a story #3

  1. Georgie,I think the camera has become an inseparable part of your anatomy..he he,like a 5th limb..hehe..sorry ,no hard feelings,couldn’t resist pulling your leg..

  2. Not only do you have a good eye for color and composition, Georgie, your photos capture “relationships” on a basic human level. I suspect you have a good “bedside manner” as a doctor.

    –John: TheDailyGraff.com

    1. Whoa John! Thats a huge compliment.. I’m just a doctor, starting work.. I try to emulate my teachers, in bedside manner, as well 🙂
      BTW, you can see two of my teachers in the post “old friends”

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