How often do you meet a photographer in the street?

Got some time today after work to go out into the streets. He was one of the first persons I shot today. After the shot, I gave the usual smile and ‘thank you’.

This guy then asks me, “Which studio are you working in? “.  It completely took me by surprise. I explained I was a doctor and photography was my hobby.

He introduced himself as an owner of a photo studio in Calcutta and had come down to Vellore for his treatment. We exchanged a few more words and I went on my journey.

After I was on  may about 5 minutes down the lane, he catches up with me and asks me about his health condition and things related to it. We had a pleasant walk together, till he reached his lodge and he said “Glad to meet you.”

It was a very pleasant and humane experience, though I lack the words to put it in a more enjoyable way. Hope the image speaks for me.

Anybody had a similar experience and want to share it?

I had another not-so-pleasant experience,later in the day, which I’ll narrate in another post. 


6 thoughts on “How often do you meet a photographer in the street?

  1. I think interacting with your subjects after you’ve taken a pictures and them being happy and all chatty about it is the best feeling in the world. Yesterday I took a picture of a guy pushing a very cool retro bike. Like usual, I took him by surprise and and gave him a complement “I like your bike” I said. “I like your camera, what is that an M7?” That was it, we hit it off for a good 15 minutes discussing cameras, camera brands, availability, strengths/weaknesses the lot. Very enjoyable chat.

    I have yet to have a not-so pleasant experience.

  2. I seldom met other photographers; unless I was shooting at touristy kind of place. I don’t normally interact with them as well… mainly due to language barrier; I don’t speak Japanese.

    Perhaps this can be improve after I go back to my home country or if I travel to a place where English is commonly used.

    BTW, love the colors on this photo, Georgie.

  3. It’s really great when you make a connection with someone through photography (or any other way, of course!). I’ve had a few very interesting chats with total strangers about all sorts of things, although it often starts with a question about photography.

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