First encounter with the Swami

Story of the Swami.

Found this swami by the temple and  I shot him. After a few shots he let out his hand, obviously for some money. Paid him a little and left, all without uttering a single word.

This post was inspired by this, Image from my archives.

What does the Swamy tell you?



  1. mayank (@Mayank211) · October 31, 2011

    A bit unusual swami, what with white shirt and trousers. Whatever happened to the saffron attires :-). Swamis are omnipresent – yet make interesting portraits.

  2. [Gm] · October 31, 2011

    “After a few shots he let out his hand, obviously for some money.”

    Is that the hand gesture for money? And, do you mean the right hand or the left hand?

    • georgiemathew · October 31, 2011

      In India, we ask and receive everything with the right hand as the doing the same with the left hand is considered insulting and ill mannered..
      He indicated by the action of counting notes and then extending the right hand. Getting it?

      • [Gm] · November 1, 2011

        The same thing with Indonesia; we use right hand to do most things. It’s not polite to do a certain thing with left hand.

        Thanks. I think I can imagine the hand gesture.

      • georgiemathew · November 1, 2011

        🙂 Guess the custom is common in most Asian countries 🙂

    • [Gm] · November 1, 2011

      It doesn’t apply to Japan, though.

      I thought it was influenced by religion (Islam), but knowing that India also has the same custom makes me re-think about my first impression.

      • georgiemathew · November 1, 2011

        That is (the custom in Japan) news to me as well 🙂

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