A piece of childhood,

that can never be lost. Sisters.

Dedicated to all the loving sisters, including mine. What are your favorite childhood experiences with your sister?


6 thoughts on “A piece of childhood,

  1. That is good work – good story telling. Were you on some bridge while you took this. I think good vantage points are great in making photographs. This is one such example

    1. Thanks Mayank.. I took this from the 3rd or 4th floor window I think.. One example of great vantage point was on of Steve McCurry’s shot of Holi- a man colored green being carried by red- colored men, shot from above.. Seen that 🙂

  2. Lovely. I would be very hard pressed to narrow down favorite moments with any or all of my three wonderful sisters! They are such a gift, aren’t they. I’ve just “found” you thanks to Otto von Bulow, and know I’ll enjoy watching your work immensely–you have a terrific eye and the attitude and invention to make good use of it. Cheers to you,

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