Sleep is sweet #4

Sleep, the best medicine for tired souls.

After a lengthy spell of sleepless shift of 18 hour work , I realised that, yet again.

When is the last time you slept like a baby?

By the way, you can find more sleep related stuff here..



  1. gilmarcil · November 12, 2011

    love that…

    • georgiemathew · November 13, 2011

      thanks Gilles, do you also find people sleeping in the streets where you stay?

  2. kathryningrid · November 14, 2011

    A gorgeous shot, and yes, a very strongly shared value: much-needed SLEEP.

    • georgiemathew · November 14, 2011

      Thanks Kathryn.. glad you enjoyed the image… hoping to see you round here. would love to hear your opinions as well
      . enjoyed your pieces of art in your blog as well…

  3. J. A. Robinson · November 16, 2011


    The last time I slept like a baby was the day I slept off the Versed they gave me for my last colonoscopy.


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