Big day tomorrow,

so I better refresh and hydrate myself.

Tomorrow is the day when I’m going to graduate officially from med school. My internship is midway, but in my college we have the graduation ceremony at this time of the year. If you could share some tips for momentous occasions like this, it’d be pretty awesome!

Thanks all in advance!


17 thoughts on “Big day tomorrow,

  1. Congraduation (congratulation on your graduation) :D… and what a fine photo to accompany your graduation post :-).

    Tips? None… just enjoy your day, keep smiling and wave proudly to your family and friends… oh, bring spare cameras — one for your family to take pictures of you, and one for you to take pictures of your colleagues :D…

  2. Congratulations, Georgie! Graduating from Med school has to be one of the BIGGEST moments of a doctor’s entire life. The only advice I have is a slogan I came up with for Ohio University’s Lifelong Learning Programs (where I spent my entire career): “Your Dreams Never Graduate.”


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