“Relax my friend, enjoy your tea.

Enjoy it hot while other things cool down.”

Enjoy other tea- related posts here.

PS. I’m sure my friend from Japan, will have his own stories to share about tea. 😉


16 thoughts on ““Relax my friend, enjoy your tea.

  1. You missed the opportunity for product placement there! You will have to photoshop in a box of tea bags. Nice picture. I shall have to put the kettle on!

    1. LOL! thanks for the suggestion Mark! I don’t have or use Photoshop though 😦 .. Maybe if you can edit the image and place a few teabags and things there, I can mail the image to you ;D

  2. Chai in metal cups? I don’t think so! Arrack attack!

    I don’t see the use of image manipulation in street photography, but for landscape and architectural effects I am trying to get to grips with this freeware http://www.gimp.org/

  3. I can imagine that the metal would burn your fingers. I guess that is why it cools faster as metal transfers heat rapidly. You can comfortably drink chai in a glass as it is thicker and does not conduct so much heat. Also…to avoid the glass from cracking under too much heat you can keep a metal tea spoon in the glass which absorbs the heat! Sorry…this is a photo blog not a chai shop!

    Arrack attack is a phrase I have heard in India and Sri Lanka for consuming vast amounts of arrack (home made alcoholic beverage – like Feni in Goa).

    I have seen the links and look forward to a series of chai-themed shots.

    A theme a day keeps the doctor away!

  4. Love your Spin and Win shots. The final one looks like a potential rapping boy band. You really won their confidence over. Where are they now?…

  5. Yeah. The guy on the right has a relaxed body posture but his face is full of concern. The chap on the left is relaxed and composed. In his hand is a key. The key to the other man’s house…

    A picture speaks a thousand words!

  6. To answer your question: sorry mate… I don’t have any stories related to tea just yet… I’ve never been to a tea ceremony here :D… although I can tell you that Japanese people loves green tea (ocha) very much… that includes cookies and ice cream with ocha flavor, etc :D…

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