I wonder which would be the one..

Today’s description is left to the readers. I have one in my mind but want to hear yours!

What say?



  1. afrankangle · November 23, 2011

    If she only knew what I could build for her

    • georgiemathew · November 24, 2011

      🙂 .. can you see anything else ‘in’ the picture?

  2. lynnekovan · November 24, 2011

    “What was it I was just doing?? Oh yes, building a house for my goats!”

    I am really enjoying your blog. Great shots!

    • georgiemathew · November 24, 2011

      Thanks Lynne.. Let me just drop in a few pieces of info here.. In India, butchers in general, tend to be Muslim.. as you can see, the guy in the image is a Muslim (identified my his religious cap and method of tying his waistcloth aka lungi ). So I picture him as the butcher, thinking ” I wonder which would be the one…. on the dinner table tonight” 🙂

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