People with phone #3

Dangerous things, they could be, right?


5 thoughts on “People with phone #3

  1. Georgie,

    I have just included your blog in my nomination list for The Versatile Blogger Award. Because you might have been nominated for this one or more times before, I included the following in my announcement:

    “Some of the following bloggers may have been nominated for this award in the past and might not feel they have anything more to share, but my list would not be complete without them.”

    See the details at:

    Keep up those great posts! –John

    1. Thanks for the award John! Otto Munchow had nominated for that award a week ago, I haven’t had time to reply to it..
      A draft post towards the same is on the pipeline, thats all I can tell you.
      Thanks again,

  2. “Dangerous things, they could be, right?”

    You were talking about the phone or the chairs? :D…

    *somehow I can relate very much to this photo. Feels like my hometown 😀

    1. You just graduated, Georgie, so no rush. You’re probably still decompressing (or re-compressing). If you get around to it, though, I would be interested in those 7 facts I might not know. –John

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