Lesson 1: How to relax on a sunny day

Take your pets for a walk and chill out in the streets.What say you?

Am on leave for next 3 days. Hoping to get some relaxation.



  1. Christakis Schinis · November 26, 2011

    Enjoy your leave mate. Always nice to take some time off work 🙂

  2. georgiemathew · November 27, 2011

    Thanks Christakis!

  3. Mayank · November 27, 2011

    Crouching low makes so much of difference to a photograph. Lovely. Has a very nice relaxed mood.

  4. Simon Wallerstedt · November 27, 2011

    Excellent image!

  5. J. A. Robinson · November 28, 2011

    I “say” that this is a WONDERFUL shot–the boy, the animals, the scenery (the composition). VERY well done! –John

    • georgiemathew · November 28, 2011

      Thanks John! That evening was wonderful to shoot..

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