“You aren’t getting in till,

you own up.” 

“But mama, I didn’t do it. I swear.”


4 thoughts on ““You aren’t getting in till,

  1. For a moment I thought this is in Bengal (the last line in the notice board being in Bengali). It this some Bengali colony in Vellore ?

    (BTW Nice pics, all of them on your blog ! You capture all of the happenings pretty well)

    1. Thanks for looking through here, Abhinav.. There are a lot, I really mean a huge lot, of Bengalis here in Vellore.. They come for treatment and are often my subjects (in my blog and at work as well 😉 ) .. As a result, I have put up many images of Bengalis in my blog.. a search for “Bengali” should turn up many posts.. I’ve done a series as well, titled “The foodie Bengalis of Gandhi road”

      Hoping to see you here more…

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