Versatile blogger? Part 1

Its been a few days since Otto Munchow and John Robinson gave me “The Versatile Blogger” award.

I consider it a big honour and let me thank both Otto and John at the outset itself….

Let me say a few things here. Nothing majorly new, so if you are previously acquainted with me , move on. Lot of pictures are there for your viewing pleasure in my blog. Hope you enjoy them and come back tomorrow as well…

1. I’m  a doctor by profession, having very recently graduated from medical school. Believe me, its not as bad as people paint it.

2. Lot of stuff happens on the streets. I aim to shoot at sight.

3. Steve McCurry. Legend. Period.

4. “Home is located on cloud eight.” I got this recently from a blog I read. True.

5. I love to read. Fiction and non fiction and my textbooks as well.

6. I don’t often understand art. When people describe photos with the words ‘feel’,’dynamism’, mood’,etc, I often feel lost. I see I shoot. I post. Period . (Disclaimer: No offence meant)

7. My ultimate dream: working for a non profit organisation (eg, MSF) and travel the world so I can shoot to my hearts’ content.

However, I don’t feel I would be able to do justice to the requirements of the award by putting in the 15 links.. Thats mainly because, as of now, I don’t even read 15 blogs. (As per last count, excluding megabigtime bloggers like Yanidel, David duChemin, Eric Kim, etc, I read 8 or 10 blogs) Hopefully, I’ll be putting it soon.. 🙂

Will just take a moment to all the people out in the blogosphere and the sphere of CMC around me.. (Bows, imagining applause)



  1. MarkG · December 3, 2011

    Clap, clap, clap !!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck with MSF.

    They need good people like you.

  2. J. A. Robinson · December 14, 2011

    Enjoyed the additional Information, Georgie. It’s obvious that you succeed at “shooting at sight,” because you catch amazing candid moments.

    Thanks for introducing me to Steve McCurry’s photography. I just visited his gallery. I was blown away.

    • georgiemathew · December 14, 2011

      He has taken more than a million images in his lifetime.. that itself speaks ‘volumes’ I guess… 🙂

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