Surprise #1

….. and you thought surprise #2 is tomorrow?

Surprise!! Surprise#2 and surprise #3 are there in the image itself 😀

Hope you all get it..(Couldn’t pass up on this one!)Happy new year folks, especially Dr George K, Martos, Christakis, John, Mayank, Kaushal, Gilles, Simon, A. Barlow, Hakan, aFrankangle and audi-nary!!! Had  a great blogging year (technically half year,though).. Looking for a greater times ahead!!!

Special mention goes out to Manjunath Shenoy, I think he is planning something special at his blog as there is something fishy at the link to his site at the point of writing this post….His images are refreshing, to say the least.. Make sure to visit to sometime… (current link,will update it soon…)

PS. Folks, if you haven’t met any of my friends mentioned above, be sure to meet them this year… They’ll show you everything, Japan to Sweden and everything in between…..


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