What happened last year #1

Just had a look at the times I enjoyed the most-shooting out in the streets- last year. Those images kept me going and really, really made my year. Other than getting me published,printed and winning me a prize,those made me smile at the end of a weary day. Guess thats what it counts….

Going through the archives, I found that most of the images I loved were those of children. Innocent,spontaneous and full of energy.

Catching them candid was a real challenge, a rewarding one to say the least. So here they come (drumroll… ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

ย “Why so serious?”


“No,she was talking to me. Let me tell you…”

“See, I gotta shop,”

“…I gotta look after myself…”

“..I gotta look after the pets..”

“…I gotta keep my sibling in check..”

“Hey,siblings are fun, ok?”

“…. See?”

” Yeah, I agree too ๐Ÿ˜‰ “

“Sometimes they are so awesome that it hurts.”

“.. Hey you, the one with the camera. Yes. You only. Heard that?”

Cheers to an awesome year that went by.

Hoping another one filled with more awesomeness and attractiveness comes your way.


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