Wide eyed #1

One of my favorite portraits from last year.. Love both the color and black and white..

Which one is your choice?

This boy had come up to me, requesting for a portrait. I shot it looking down. What do you think?


11 thoughts on “Wide eyed #1

  1. I think I like the B&W version better. It emphasized more the boy, leaving the background… euh!… in the background, especially the blue bag and the bicycle…. Just my opinion

  2. It’s a great portrait. It’s interesting to see that other commentators prefer the black and white version. For me the colour is the one that brings out the character of the boy better. I believe because it tells more about the surroundings, being very “Indian” to me. I also think the contrast between the blue in the background and the orange/brown in the foreground brings depth the picture. Finally I have better eye contact in the colour version, mostly because in the B&W version they become a little too dark. A last point is that in the B&W version the head’s tones are too similar to the background and thus makes it stand out less than in the colour version. Anyway both are great pictures.

  3. I agree that the B&W version focuses more on the boy’s face in the foreground and diminishes the background clutter, but the boy’s skin tones just glow in the color one. The color is almost iridescent.

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