Pondicherry in pictures – 2010

As I’m planning to go on a weekend trip to Pondicherry , I thought I’ll give you all a quick peek of my last visit in 2010..

Pondicherry was a French territory which acceded to the nation after Independence. (You can find a useful link here.)

Well, I must get on with the post and they say Pondicherry is a place in India where “the locals are more French than the French and the French are more local than the locals.”

Let me show a few images before going on..

This is the Promenade, a long walk along the seashore, where I actually spent 3 hours of my time in Pondicherry.

The beach.

An empty stall by the beach.

And the crows went “Attack mode”.

You may be able to deduce that a storm was brewing in the horizon, from the previous pictures. And it drizzled a bit, and people ran for shelter.. I looked around, and said “Voila”. Ran across the road to take this.. My favorite image from Pondicherry.

Few people were actually enjoying the storm , with company of course..

And there were few who did not want to miss a photo opportunity at the Gandhi statue nearby.

One of my very first street portraits. Very aptly they say, “Pondicherry. Give time a break.”

And lastly , I couldn’t miss out on the French quarter, where streets are cobblestoned. Actually, I don’t have any images of the streets and so I’m posting an address of a house in the French quarter.



9 thoughts on “Pondicherry in pictures – 2010

  1. I’ve never heard of Pondicherry until a few years ago when I read the novel “Life of Pi”. Since I myself am an enthusiast of anything French, I found it fascinating that there is a tiny bit of India which has a French taste.

  2. Spent only a short time there, but the place does have a charm. Nice pictures, esp. liked the street portrait over the yellow backdrop, and the simple yet effective final image.

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