“What is a cigarette but

smoke at one end and a fool at the other?”- author unknown

I have nothing against the man in the image but I hate cigarettes and smoking.

PS.Hope the updated version of the post ‘clears the air’ a bit, John


6 thoughts on ““What is a cigarette but

  1. Sweet image. Hate’s a pretty strong word. I could also point out a few contradictions to your statement, but I’m sure you wrote it to be ironic 🙂

  2. The last thing you want in a comment is a lecture, Georgie, but, while as a physician you hate what cigarettes do, should a caregiver ever say he “hates” a class of people (no matter what their vice)?

    Also, while the sentence that your title and caption makes might be OK in an anti-smoking campaign, do you think this man could view this post and not feel that you are labeling him a fool? It wouldn’t help the self-esteem of people who are desperately trying to quit smoking to be labeled “fools” (my son is one of them).


    1. Hi John,
      I think I owe you on this one.. Probably I should change from ‘hate smokers’ to ‘hate smoking’…

      And your son, with all due respect, as he is trying to quit his smoking (I consider smoking really foolish as I see everyday the consequences brought on by it- heart attacks, lung diseases including cancers at young age, artery blocks leading to amputation of limbs,etc etc), he is trying to quit his foolishness and I hail his decision.. Give him the best of encouragement from my part…

      Hope no feelings were hurt in the above mentioned conversation..


      1. Thanks, Georgie. MY feelings weren’t hurt, and my son doesn’t see your blog. When we did a consultant’s “Strengths Assessment Survey” at my dept. at the university, I was the only one out of 30 people whose #1 strength is “Empathy.” I hurt FOR people even when it doesn’t directly affect me.

        You normally show amazing empathy for the subjects of your photos, so this post seemed out of character.

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