New place and new people

I took up the camera again after quite a long hiatus and immediately found that I was a bit too rusty. Took  a few snapshots of the new place I am in, just to give you all an idea. This post is just about the physical, the metaphysical will follow soon. Nothing spectacular here, just move slowly on..

This is where you enter when you are coming up the hill. (the famous Adupootty hills, haven’t you heard of it? Well, keep your ears up. Sooner or later.)

This is where you might not want to enter. Emergency department.

This is where you might want to enter but you aren’t allowed. A college of nursing will be coming soon, for all the aspirants in white “to be”. (This joke is for all my CMC colleagues, sorry my dear regular blogging friends)

This is one place you will want to be in. Canteen. Nice ambience, good food and great prices (great prices only for hospital staff)!

And if you want to drop in sometime, the top right corner is where you’ll find me in.

And if you are wondering where on earth are all these things in, here is wikipedia and google maps to the rescue! (Here are the links to Kunnankulam and Malankara Medical Mission Hospital. More on those later.)


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