Tender moments

As I was saying, I shook off my laziness and  went on a trip today, to the famous Guruvayur temple . It about 10 km from Kunnamkulam and is one of the five famous Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu temples in India. The lighting conditions were a bit difficult with strong light and dark shadows everywhere. I found this tender parenting moment in front of the temple . The child did not appear normal to my eye and maybe his father had brought him to the temple to pray for him. Prayer and ice cream. A truly tender moment that touched me.

PS. Due to the lighting and my bad technique, I had to do a lot of rescue work to the original image. During the work, I found another version that I liked.


4 thoughts on “Tender moments

  1. Good Job Georgie ! Always a pleasure to see ur pics! Btwn, the original click appears more natureal to me .. Keep the good job

  2. Nice job on the rescue. And yes, I agree, he does not seem “normal”. This is an awesome shot though in that it tells a story about the bond between parent in child in that regard.

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