The human side of the celebrations

Yesterday you saw the masses celebrating Thrissur Pooram. Today I will show you the individual celebrations going on.

As with any festival in India, there will be people selling stuff.

We can find a few enterprising young ones too in the business.

Where there are sellers, there will be eager customers too.

Thrissur pooram, being a religious festival at its core, she is the representative of the faithful.

The caring.

The cute.

The funky.

The ones who bring their own sunshade.

The knights in paper armour.

Well, just a street closeup.

The one who is not that comfortable with attention.

The genuinely happy one.

The exuberant, adrenaline pumped ones.

The watchful.

Taking it all in, with a puff.

No Thrissur pooram would be complete without the pachyderm, in this case, the main elephant, the one who is privileged to carry the Goddess’ image.

Hope you enjoyed the collection of portraits, human and animal. Tomorrow’s post will be   about a special category of people I observed. Stay tuned.


6 thoughts on “The human side of the celebrations

  1. Another awesome set man. So, in one of the shots there is this horned thing. What’s that all about?

      1. Ah yes.. The horned demon is a demon who is going to be killed by Lord Hanuman (the monkey faced god) who is flying into his mouth and coming out on the other side.. the whole rig is a scene from the ancient myths and shows the monkey god in action with serial lights 🙂

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