The chinese nets at Fort Kochi

Kerala has been on the world trade routes since time immemorial. These Chinese nets stand as tribute to the ancient voyagers and tradesmen. It is believed that these were in operation from the time of Kublai Khan (Mongol- Chinese warrior emperor of the 13th century) till now, fetching fish and livelihood for generations of fishermen. The mechanism of these is very delicate but extremely functional.(Details will be provided in a link soon. I have asked permission for reproducing it. You can also get a lot of info my googling “Chinese nets in Kerala”. Till then, enjoy the images)

The nets.

Couple of friends enjoying the sea breeze.

Mr George, one of the workers on the nets. He makes $1-$10 per day , depending on the catch .

The steel beams are a recent innovation, as it saves a lot on cost of the timber.

Hope you enjoyed the images!


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