On the other side of the river Kaveri in Trichy, lies the beautiful temple complex of Srirangam. Read more about the legend, history and architecture here and here.

You are welcomed by a gopuram which towers over 236 feet above the landscape and in front of which, the town buses reverentially pass with a bow. (It may not seem too towering in the image but it really is. The vertical image I took is too distorted to put in here.)

SONY DSCAs you enter the concentric walls, you are greeted by further gopurams and if you observe, you can find smooth business there.

SONY DSCThe gopurams are studded with lots of stories from the Hindu mythology.
SONY DSCYou go in awestruck of the architecture, just to find more and more of these inside. The golden gopuram is situated right over the sanctum sanctorum.


And your prayers can be kept here under lock and key. Just like love in Paris.

SONY DSCYou leave, taking nothing but photos, leaving nothing but footprints and a flower and coconut offering, maybe.



5 thoughts on “Srirangam

  1. Georgie–I’ve been enjoying your colorful and informative travelogues. Just dropping by to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a happy, prosperous, and healthy 2013! –John

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