When life throws such faces as you cannot forget- Trincomalee , location 2

Either I must keep apologising for my regularly irregular absences from here, or I should leave from here altogether. Dear friends, I have gotten into training for a postgraduate degree in Pediatrics in my alma mater (Christian Medical College, Vellore) at which my life is going to be shaped in the next three years (for the rest of my life too). Coming back to the blog post at hand, sometimes, life throws faces at you which you cannot forget. I am not talking about “The Afghan girl” type impact but, you know, somehow ordinary people who leave an indelible impression on us. Here is one that of a child and his father, both fisherfolk, from the harbour area of Trincomalee.





3 thoughts on “When life throws such faces as you cannot forget- Trincomalee , location 2

  1. Georgie–

    Maybe you don’t have hundreds of followers, but I would consider it a great loss to the world if you ever “leave from here altogether.” It would be worth waiting months for a new post from you! Your photos are stunningly beautiful, and your love of ordinary people and scenes of simple human interactions make your blog special. The compassion you have for people as a physician is evident in how you lovingly portray the “faces” you capture. (The fact that Otto von Münchow is a follower of yours ought to tell you that you’re a good photographer. I’m humbled that he follows me.)

    Don’t feel like you have to wait until you have time to come up with a whole photo-essay, with several shots interspersed with your narrative. Just an occasional shot with a caption like “A street scene in Vellore” is all you need to feed your blog. Your shots from when you were in Vellore before made it the only city in India that I KNOW I would like to visit. I’m delighted that you’re back there again–to share the city’s beautiful people and vibrant colors with us.


    1. Thanks for the kind words John.. I’m in Vellore and I would like to go out and capture the essence of Vellore once again and I will try my best. I’ll be here for the three years of my postgrad studies in Pediatrics and do be my guest if you come this way 🙂

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