Trincomalee , location 3.


If you somehow happen to think that this is just another placid lake in Srilanka, you are wrong. This is the Lake Placid of Srilanka.. (haha,, a very corny line, but I just couldn’t resist it)

Well, folks, this is actually the Lake Placid in Trincomalee known as Muthalakkulam (means “crocodile lake”) . I can’t recollect the exact story behind this but a short google search should take you there. I am feeling a little lazy to put in the link.

Someone actually left a few crocs in this lake and now it is infested with the reptiles.


When we saw this guy while passing by, we were like, “Oh my! Shouldn’t we warn him or something?”, but it so happened,  the old fisherman was a regular there and knows the schedule of the crocodiles . Apparently, they go across the lake in the mornings and come back in the evenings.


This was our ride in Trinco for the half day that we spent there .

This is Mr Santhosh (aka Aashavan), who was our guide and driver for the journey. He was explaining the lifestyle of the crocodiles. Apparently, if you come to this place in the night, you can see elephants too.



As you can see, it is not a place filled with people and so I had to contend with a few shots of the scenery and of the wood collectors.


I shall disappear for a few days as my work is getting hectic. See you soon!



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