Dead sea and Ein Gedi

This being the first weekend in Israel, our hosts were keen to offer us a good taste of the uniqueness of the country. They took us on an organised trip to Ein Gedi, Dead sea and Masada. I will put up the images now and come on in later with the details. Wonderful hospitality. Thank you guys.


Descent into the Dead sea region, the lowest point on the surface of earth 427 metres below sea level, literally into the bowels of the earth.


The beautiful Ein Gedi springs region. A good hours trek with lot of fresh waterfalls in between to cool off.



And a lot of young couples at the falls.


One of my favourite images from the trip with our guide, Elan (second from the left) pointing at the Dead sea in the background.


Dead sea beach.


Yours truly, doing what everyone else does in the Dead sea, chilling on buoyancy.



2 thoughts on “Dead sea and Ein Gedi

  1. Love the pictures! Looking forward to hearing more of the story behind your day of travels in Isreal!

    Safe Travels,


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