“I need to rush into the evening,

,to catch the last sunbeam.”

Tribute to Trixie in the ‘Hi and Lois‘ cartoons.


A hospital has a lot of emotions

light and hope, dark and despair..

2 other versions..

People with papers

While one is waiting for news inside, keep updating from the news outside.

There ain’t anything which can’t be

mulled over a cup of tea.

Odd one out..

Downside,Its been raining since morning here in Vellore, and new year is welcomed by “Cyclone Thane”.

Upside, fewer patients to see 🙂

A good hospital is #4

always a struggle between yin and yang. Sometimes, the force goes out to the dark side.

Another sad example of the poor autofocus of the P&S,given below. I think I should get used to it.

A good hospital must be #2

a place to communicate.

Lat two days I’m shooting with a point and shoot. Gives me lot of portability, but I so badly miss the autofocus of a DSLR.

That aside, this image, taken today with my P&S, is a likely candidate for the “Patients” series. What do you say?

Do bear with me for this while as well, as I was playing around with Lightroom as well. Let me know which one suits the project in your opinion.

Somewhere long time ago,

there was a family looking for refuge.

So I’ve heard. Merry Xmas everyone.

PS. This also might go into the “patients” series. What do you think?