“I need to rush into the evening,

,to catch the last sunbeam.”

Tribute to Trixie in the ‘Hi and Lois‘ cartoons.


A hospital has a lot of emotions

light and hope, dark and despair..

2 other versions..

People with papers

While one is waiting for news inside, keep updating from the news outside.

Odd one out..

Downside,Its been raining since morning here in Vellore, and new year is welcomed by “Cyclone Thane”.

Upside, fewer patients to see 🙂

A good hospital is #4

always a struggle between yin and yang. Sometimes, the force goes out to the dark side.

Another sad example of the poor autofocus of the P&S,given below. I think I should get used to it.

A good hospital must be #2

a place to communicate.

Lat two days I’m shooting with a point and shoot. Gives me lot of portability, but I so badly miss the autofocus of a DSLR.

That aside, this image, taken today with my P&S, is a likely candidate for the “Patients” series. What do you say?

Do bear with me for this while as well, as I was playing around with Lightroom as well. Let me know which one suits the project in your opinion.

Somewhere long time ago,

there was a family looking for refuge.

So I’ve heard. Merry Xmas everyone.

PS. This also might go into the “patients” series. What do you think?