When life throws such faces as you cannot forget- Trincomalee , location 2

Either I must keep apologising for my regularly irregular absences from here, or I should leave from here altogether. Dear friends, I have gotten into training for a postgraduate degree in Pediatrics in my alma mater (Christian Medical College, Vellore) at which my life is going to be shaped in the next three years (for the rest of my life too). Coming back to the blog post at hand, sometimes, life throws faces at you which you cannot forget. I am not talking about “The Afghan girl” type impact but, you know, somehow ordinary people who leave an indelible impression on us. Here is one that of a child and his father, both fisherfolk, from the harbour area of Trincomalee.




The Seema Malaka temple, Colombo

The Seema Malaka temple is a small, almost understated but serene temple in the heart of Colombo. It is very easy to access from the Fort station and it is a charming place. Do give it a try in your next visit and read more about it here.



DSC04211Here are the men and women who happened to visit the temple with me.

A group of ladies, for prayers and photo opportunities. 


A young couple, supporting each other.


Another pair, not so young, for the tourist’s souvenir.


The caretaker of the temple,


who collects the coins from the Buddha in the front 


and deposits it inside.

20140223-DSC_0954And finally, my favourite image from the visit.

An elderly devout lady, whose faith tops her frailities.


Who all do you meet at the Pettah market, one fine sunny evening?

You guys have been stuck at the Botanical Gardens for a pretty long time. I was travelling around North India ilast week and hence was unable to put up new posts. Let me take you through a stroll in the Pettah market in Colombo.

Travel tip: Just walk east from the Colombo Fort railway station and slip by into one of the lanes, and voila, there you have the Pettah market. That easy 🙂


Old man on the road.


Monk on the road to nirvana.


The hep.


The one who is perfecting his smile.


A regular family.


Slightly pissed off family.


A weary lady.

20140222-DSC_0913An annoyed vegetable vendor.

20140222-DSC_0916A preoccupied vendor.

20140222-DSC_0930“Don’t bother”vendor.


“As usual kids, remember,

20140220-DSC_0535no jumping or running up and down the pier and certainly no jumping into the sea, Ok?”20140220-DSC_0548


“Such a teacher.”

I’m sure we all had such teachers. What say you?

From Galle Face beach pier, Colombo.


The railway people

I must have bothered you with the slew of text yesterday. So here is a collection of all the interesting people I met while travelling on the railways in Srilanka. Enjoy. Don’t forget to click on the image to embiggen it.

Earning a living


This man has been eking out his living selling peanuts and other snacks at the top of the fort lookout since the time I have been to Vellore(circa 2006) and probably from much earlier time. I have taken a few memorable photos there, the most memorable among those is this.

I recently got a 50mm non autofocus lens to play with and this is one of the first keeper(read ‘reasonably focussed’) image from that. Hope you like it and hope I get a lot of keeper images with it in my trips this month.

See you all soon (after a trip to Srilanka!)