Selfies, olden day style

Guess this was the day to try out the selfie, a la the previous generation.

From the many streets of Vellore.

Shot with an Olympus OM D EM10 and Minolta 58 mm f1.r

A cat is better than nothing


These days, I don’t have much to shoot and hence, this kitten who took refuge in an unused toilet in my apartment was my model for the week. Better a cat than nothing. Cheers.

Wedding #3

The bells rang for Dr Divya Elizabeth this time, with a huge batch gang in the congregation (an ‘outstanding’ number).

Black and whites and one specially edited image, as per request.

Diana’s wedding

Here are some photos from Lady Diana’s wedding and around…


PS. For the regular readers, Dr Diana Mariam is a classmate of mine and I was away to attend her wedding. Will post my regular images soon.

Interesting link

While I was blogging busily about Thrissur pooram, a hindu (mega)festival of Kerala, I came across an interesting set of images of Hindu festivals around the world.

Healing at higher centres

They come in numbers, so many.

I’ve been asked to shoot on a theme “Patients in Vellore” (deadline – 2 weeks) and “A day in Vellore hospital” (project till March 2012). This is one of the images I shot yesterday. Keeper?

New face of the blog: Final update

Wanted to try out something new today. Thought I’ll play around with how my blog looks. 

Went from ‘modularity lite’ to ‘pink touch 2’. Did not seem to strike  a chord with blogging friends. Now moved over to ‘fusion’ .  Hope this works . Else back to square one.

I love the simplicity of the current theme, only wish for more resolution for my images.I’d love to go back to the older theme with bigger images, but I’d love some feedback before making the jump back.

So let the thoughts, rants, critiques flow. I’m all ears.

Thanks in advance,


Update: Hope this solves the issue of readability. Let me know, else ‘modularity lite’ will be back by tonight.. Thanks for all the opinions.

FINAL UPDATE: Looks like ‘Fusion’, the current theme, with a light background and big photos is here to stay. Thanks everyone for their opinions! Your feedback meant a lot to me!

Have  a happy blogging week ahead!

Fun day out

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From the picnic organised by the OG dept, where I’m working as an intern currently.