Hi there,

Hope you are enjoying my blog about life in my city . Thanks so much for stopping by.

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Hoping to see you soon and hear from you! 

Hakuna Matata!


  1. jyothsna · December 25, 2011

    hi Geogie..
    i m from the batch of in hospital campus..
    just wanted you to know..that your snaps are really good..:)
    keep up the good job .


    • georgiemathew · December 25, 2011

      Thanks jyothsna…
      Glad to know you are enjoying it …


  2. Aishwarya · September 1, 2012

    eh…i knw this sounds stupid…bt where is the follow button?

    • georgiemathew · September 2, 2012

      I have sent you the link to follow the blog… thanks a lot for the interest!!

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