Baby on board – the next level


How to transport essential things – the eggs, milk and the child.

From Gandhi Road, Vellore.

Shot with Olympus OM D EM10 with Minolta 58 mm f 1.4.


A smile a day


… literally makes your day.

A smile in the streets of Vellore.

Shot with Olympus OM D EM10 with Minolta 58 mm f1.4 lens

Reading maketh the man,


or the woman, for that matter.. It is pretty unusual in these parts of the world to find women reading on their doorstep. Found one and caught one..

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From Vellore, Tamilnadu.

Every day has a twilight,


, but does true love have one?

From up on Fort Hill, Vellore.

A bit of Vellore in the midst of the heat.

As you might know, work and studies have brought me back to my old Vellore. Here’s a slice of it. It is sumer here and it is best enjoyed with mangoes.


Slow and steady,

gets past the gutter safely.

From the streets of Vellore. Its been a busy week for me  and hence, the leave from the blog.

There is nothing like ice cream

,in the heat of Vellore. 

Two children in the street enjoying a delicious moment. At Fort, Vellore.

Wedding #3

The bells rang for Dr Divya Elizabeth this time, with a huge batch gang in the congregation (an ‘outstanding’ number).

Black and whites and one specially edited image, as per request.

Last day of internship

The last day of my internship in Christian Medical College, Vellore- my other home for the past 5 and half years-
is here.  Its been a really eye-opening and wonderful year on many different counts, thanks to all the people around me- my patients,registrars,professors,friends and family.

The year started out like this – apprehensive, scared and concerned. Scared of not knowing the when,how or the what of being a doctor, talking to real patients and relatives and expecting good and the not so good responses.

The year rolled on and the intern went from one posting to other. Sometimes the ride was smooth,sometimes rough.

The ride required many breaks, mostly refreshing. Those were times to reflect and to relax.

There were a lot of ‘Aww,shucks’ moments all along the way as well.. Times where you laughed at yourself and occasionally a late realisation dawns upon you and you end up a little wiser.

There were a lot of times of instruction and learning from this great institution-  verbal and non verbal instructions, instruction by learning and by doing.

But what now, at the end of five and a half long years,is ready to greet me into the real world? Smiling faces/ mockery /doubters?

Whatever it may turn out be, its the last night! Lets party!!

Goodbye folks from all around the world, who have been with me during my blogging journey so far. Hope I will see you sometime soon from my job in God’s own country 🙂