Hey, you? Yes, you…


, I’m watching you and …..


I don’t like no paparazzi. Let me just try this hat on, ok?

From the Napier Museum surroundings, Trivandrum.

Shot with Olympus OM D EM10 with Minolta 58mm f1.4





Hi everyone! Am enjoying a beautiful week away from work here in Srilanka. Here is a peek.
              From Peessa falls,  Badulla

The Seema Malaka temple, Colombo

The Seema Malaka temple is a small, almost understated but serene temple in the heart of Colombo. It is very easy to access from the Fort station and it is a charming place. Do give it a try in your next visit and read more about it here.



DSC04211Here are the men and women who happened to visit the temple with me.

A group of ladies, for prayers and photo opportunities. 


A young couple, supporting each other.


Another pair, not so young, for the tourist’s souvenir.


The caretaker of the temple,


who collects the coins from the Buddha in the front 


and deposits it inside.

20140223-DSC_0954And finally, my favourite image from the visit.

An elderly devout lady, whose faith tops her frailities.


After the tumble, comes the fall


20140221-DSC_081620140221-DSC_0817 20140221-DSC_0828 20140221-DSC_0830 and the smile too..

From The Royal Botanical Gardens, Peradeniya, Kandy .

Children are the same

20140221-DSC_0815wherever they are, tumbling around .

From The Royal Botanical Gardens, Peradeniya, Kandy.

Selfies, selfies, everywhere.

20140221-DSC_0790I shot her before she could do it herself.

From The Royal botanical gardens, Peradeniya, Kandy.

Few upcoming posts will be from the people in the Royal botanical gardens in Peradeniya, a 20 min bus ride from Kandy (on the Kandy Colombo road.). you can catch a bus back to Colombo, even AC buses, from here , if you’re returning to base. Read more about it here . The huge garden complex is a pleasant walk around on a sunny day and a haven for lovers and filled with school children from all over Srilanka. Do plan a stop here despite the inordinate entrance fee (1100 Srilankan rupee for foreigners). It is meticulously maintained and gives you your money’s worth.

“As usual kids, remember,

20140220-DSC_0535no jumping or running up and down the pier and certainly no jumping into the sea, Ok?”20140220-DSC_0548


“Such a teacher.”

I’m sure we all had such teachers. What say you?

From Galle Face beach pier, Colombo.


Learn to fly

20140227-DSC_0873The younger you start, the better.

From Kelaniya temple,Kelaniya. I’ll show you the full story of this picture later on. Remind me.

We all belong to this world..

20140221-DSC_0697and the other world too. At the same time. Or seconds apart. No one can’t tell when.


From The Temple of the Tooth- Sri Dalada Maligawa – Kandy.

Srilanka Scene 2- Bored in Galle

20140220-DSC_0509 20140220-DSC_0507 20140220-DSC_0502Work, leisure and love- the three levels of boredom.

From Galle face, Colombo.