Doctor who?

Everybody, welcome on board and this is your doctor speaking.

Just kidding ! (Pun intended, I am a paediatrician – in – training, in Christian Medical College, Vellore, India )

I am a doctor who aspires to become a carer of the children of the world around me and a photographer who shows life as it is. I dream to travel and see the world and it’s children for myself, like Steve McCurry.

Ever wondered how children (and big humans too) look like in the part of the world I live and travel in?

Peep in here sometime, it’s easy to keep track with the “Follow me ” button or “Subscribe” menu..

I might be slightly irregular due to my training days but I’ll try my best.

Thanks for coming! and here is one of my favourite images from Vellore..



26 thoughts on “Doctor who?

    1. Hi Jocelyn,
      Guess you’re referring to the post “spin it to win it”,.. thanks for the visit.. The kids were really enthusiastic about the whole photoshoot thing and they went real crazy showing off their skills..


      PS. There’ll be other posts waiting for you everyday if you could come back.. šŸ˜‰

  1. Hi georgie, Stumbled onto your blog from Kaushal blog. Your work is refreshing – and i really like the way you make colors work for you. Look forward to seeing more work of you as well.
    I wouldnt call myself a street photographer, but it is definitely a direction i have chosen. Do visit my blog and share feedback.

  2. Georgie,

    You have left comments at often enough that I was surprised to realize that you weren’t already a subscriber. Thanks for signing on!

    Since you’re an intern, I’ll have to work extra hard to . . . . . . keep you in stitches. –John

  3. Loved going through your street captures and liked the philosophy of at least one capture a day! Should I call you photo-doctor !! Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your inputs.

  4. Dear Dr Georgie,

    I have seen your photos on the CMC calenders.Dr Wesley Rajaleelan told me about your blog.I found it through google.I like your compositions.I got motivated to start a photoblog of my own.Now freinds of mine are starting theirs too.Wanted to let you know that you are inspiring šŸ™‚
    God bless,

    Dr Dheeraj Kattula,
    Psychiatry Dept

  5. Came across your blog by following a link on Natasha’s facebook page. I’m really impressed. Being able to see beauty in seemingly trivial things is a gift that keeps on giving – good for you that you have it.

    During my Vellore days, I used to wish to go out and take more pictures, but by the time I finished work, it was always late at night. Now I’m getting to enjoy those scenes thanks to your photographs.

    – Swati

  6. Dear ‘shooting doctor’,
    as you can see I do appreciate your images. India, its culture and people, are one of my main interests.
    Here I have found many many interesting answers to my far away questions…
    Go on, please. Thanks and congrats.

  7. Dr. Georgi, a cousin of mine referred your website. I absolutely loved the photos. Needless to say, you are very skilled with the camera. I love your choice of colours and your choice of venue. They are simply beautiful – beautiful because of the simplicity. Keep up the talent- it is God given.

  8. Hi.

    Your photos are scintillating. They offer a pause button for life, so we can take a lovely moment and relish it for all it’s worth. I don’t read too many blogs, but and I am too lazy to comment often, but I will definitely keep checking in at this one.

    P.S. Luckily, your comment on my blog was inviting enough for me to click on your name, or I would never have found this.

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