Excerpts from a memorable journey

The journey from Colombo to Badulla (especially the stretch from Kandy to Badulla) was hands-down, one of the most scenic and memorable train journeys that I have ever taken. Here are a few images from the trip. More images to follow. Stay tuned.

20150310-DSC_0779 20150310-DSC_0787

What time is it?


Time to say goodbye to  Srilanka ! My week long break is over and I am going back today. Will post the official photos soon. All the photos published in the last week were taken with my phone and my camera ones will follow.

From Maradana railway station.

To Srilanka!


Hi everyone, sorry again for the infrequent posts. I am finally taking a  week’s holiday amidst my schedule. Srilanka it is – wonderful country, people , food and customs.

From the Temple of the Tooth, Kandy

Reading maketh the man,


or the woman, for that matter.. It is pretty unusual in these parts of the world to find women reading on their doorstep. Found one and caught one..

For more reading related quotes, go here and here and follow the links from those places.

From Vellore, Tamilnadu.

A 50 word story

Today I was feeling a creative flow. Here’s a 50 word story for you.


The reluctant student

He had to be dragged from bed, dressed up and force-fed his breakfast.

Somehow, he went to school everyday for the better part of his life till 25 years.

He wanted to be somewhere fun and frolic, all the time.

Little did he realise that it was his permanent position.

Photo from Chowpatty, Mumbai.